'Supernatural': Lucifer Makes One Helluva Move In The Mid-Season Premiere

A ton of sh-t went down, so prepare to have your jaw drop to the floor.

The mid-season finale of "Supernatural" was definitely one for the books. While Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Amara (Emily Swallow) fought and made out, Rowena (Ruth Connell), Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) traveled to Hell, hoping to get Lucifer's (Mark Pellegrino) help to defeat the Darkness.

Unfortunately, Rowena's spell wore off and Lucifer was able to zap Sam into the Cage with him. Within a moment's notice, Lucifer dropped a major bombshell on Sam — and the entire "SPN" fandom — by admitting HE was the one sending Sam visions of the Cage, not God. Whoops.

Now, Sam is trapped in the Cage with Lucifer (again), and things are just getting started. Check out our six biggest moments from "The Devil in the Details."

Pajama Crowley

Katie Yu / The CW


"What in God's name?" is the best response to the opening of this episode. For starters, Crowley wore snowman pajamas, Rowena had on a blinking Rudolph the Reindeer nose and Lucifer stabbed Crowley with an oversized candy cane in a twisted Christmas setting. Apparently, that was the bizarro stuff Rowena dreamt about. Who knew?

Angry beyond belief, Crowley found out that his mother Rowena was in cahoots with Lucifer. Crowley told his mother how unbelievably awful it would be if Lucifer were to go topside again, but Rowena insisted he had changed. Uh huh, sure he has. Rowena revealed she'd be Lucifer's righthand man in Heaven, which definitely wouldn't be good.

Bad luck Rowena

Katie Yu / The CW


After trying to call Crowley several times (apparently dialing 666 is the fastest way to reach him), Crowley finally answered and told Dean his baby brother was in Hell. (Again.)

Crowley led Dean to Nebraska, where he met Billie the Reaper (Lisa Berry). Billie revealed she worked with Crowley, not for the King of Hell, and then handed him a box and sent him down a shady AF tunnel. After following the path, Dean met up with Crowley, who told the elder Winchester that Lucifer wasn't going to kill Sam (probably). The King of Hell once again sold out his own mother, telling Dean they needed Rowena "to slam the devil back in his hole." You paint with words, Crowley.

Once Crowley poisoned Rowena's cup of tea, Dean was able to throw this powerful witch-collar thingamabob around her neck, controlling everything she did.

Memory lane

Katie Yu / The CW


In the Cage, Sam defiantly told Lucifer he would never let the devil use his body as a vessel to defeat the Darkness. Smirking and completely unfazed, Lucifer whooshed Sam away to a type of dream, one where Sam saw his younger "beanpole" self (Colin Ford) hanging out and studying with a cute girl (Rachelle Gillis). Two seconds into studying and chill, the girl gave Young Sam a look and a "I didn't bring you here to study" line, and they started smooching while Lucifer cheered in the background.

Later, Lucifer took Sam back to Skull Cemetery, making him relive the iconic fight, Casitel's (Misha Collins) "hey, assbutt" line and Adam's (Jake Abel) unfortunate descent into Hell. He's still there, FYI. Just sayin'.

The Darkness rises

Katie Yu / The CW


Meanwhile, Castiel encountered an angel named Ambriel (Valerie Tian) and the two of them tried to figure out if the Darkness really was vanquished or not. The pair split up (*sigh*) and Ambriel stumbled upon the Darkness herself, who quickly sucked out the sweet angel's soul. Guess the Darkness wasn't destroyed after all, was she?

Castiel tried to attack Amara, but she quickly overpowered him, placed her hand on his chest and zapped him to Billie's hangout. Following Dean's footsteps, Castiel trudged into Hell to let Dean and Co. know that Amara is coming.

A supernatural showdown

Katie Yu / The CW


Continuing down memory lane, Lucifer reminded Sam of his time with Amelia Richardson (Liane Balaban) while Dean was in Purgatory. Lucifer told Sam, "You'd do anything to save [Dean] and he'd do anything to save you, and that is the problem." The devil went on and on about how bold and decisive Sam used to be, but because of his undying love and guilt for abandoning Dean when he was in Purgatory, he wasn't like that anymore.

Lucifer laid down the hammer when he told Sam if he really and truly wanted to beat the Darkness, he'd have to be ready to watch everyone he loved die, including himself. Yeah, no pressure or anything, Lucifer. Bottom line: Lucifer didn't believe Sam was robust enough to win this battle on his own, but Lucifer himself could.

Back in the Cage, Sam once again told Lucifer he wouldn't be his vessel. Sam wasn't convinced Lucifer could actually beat the Darkness, and even if the devil did win, "everyone loses" in the end. After admitting he was ready to die, but not to be Lucifer's bitch, Sam was smacked upside the head by Lucifer. Hearing his groans, Dean and Castiel ran to see what was happening, only to have Lucifer snap his fingers and toss them in the Cage, too. Now it's one hell of a party! (Sorry.)


Katie Yu / The CW


As Sam, Dean and Castiel fought Lucifer, they bought time until Rowena could work her witchy magic and defeat Lucifer. But then he just up and disappeared. Thanks, Lucifer, it's been fun!

When the group reconvened, Crowley wasn't sure what was going to happen with the Darkness. He told the Winchesters and Castiel to "get the hell out of Hell," but Rowena was staying with him for now. After they left, Crowley asked his mother why she hated him. She said, "I hate you, because when you were born, your father said he loved me, then he went back to his grand wife and his grand house, whilst I lay pathetic and half-dead on a straw mat, my thighs slick with blood." If that wasn't heartless enough, Rowena added, "I hate you, because if I didn't, I'd love you. But love, love is weakness, and I'll never be weak again."

Shortly after, Castiel returned, only to reveal that the angel let the devil into his body because he thought it would help beat the Darkness. Lucifer-as-Castiel then killed Rowena, snapping her neck. LUCIFER IS NOW IN CASTIEL'S BODY. THIS IS NOT A DRILL, PEOPLE. ABORT, ABORT!

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