Iggy Azalea Goes In-Depth About Why She Left Twitter -- And What It Has To Do With Her Second Album

'What the hell is going on with humanity?'

It's been just over a week since Iggy Azalea announced her Twitter retirement, and it sounds like that rapper is already doing much better than she was back in her social media days.

"Anyone's happier when they're not being verbally abused all day long," Iggy told Los Angeles' Power 106.

Though her Twitter account is still active, tweets over the last week have been posted by her management -- something which will continue moving forward -- rather than by the "Beg For It" rapper herself. "I feel the hatred and pettiness i see online at all times is at making me become an angry person and I cannot be that," she wrote in one of her final tweets.

On the station, she expanded on those thoughts -- and explained what it all has to do with her upcoming sophomore album.

"I think it is dangerous to have that kind of negative Internet culture," she said. "It's isn't all [like that]. But I think it's dangerous, especially when you're someone that's having to create things...It does affect your mood, and it, for me, definitely affects when I'm creating things. And I'm in the middle of recording a second album, and I really don't want some angry, aggressive album. Every time I come in the studio I'm like, I just wanna punch everyone in the face. And those are the only songs I'm able to write."

So, this decision means Iggy's new album won't be full of fight music? That's OK, I guess.

She says she still goes on the Internet, but just avoids the places where the negativity was stemming from.

"It makes me hate people, and I don't wanna hate people. My job is entraining people. I love people. I wanna entertain them, that's why I wanted to do this and get on stage and make people feel happy. And it's really hard to do that when you feel like, what the hell is going on with humanity, where we're all doing this? I prefer the actual polite world. If it's real or not, I don't know, but I like to live in this reality."

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