Maggie Rogers's Moody 'Light On' Video Is A Beautiful Reminder Of Balance

Olivia Bee directed the clip

Since one fateful session with an enthusiastically impressed Pharrell boosted her star, earthy pop maven Maggie Rogers has continued to rise. Earlier this year, she released the spunky "Fallingwater," a collab with Rostam, and the multicolor celebration "Give a Little" — both expert tunes that helped the 24-year-old an upcoming SNL spot next month.

Her debut album, Heard It in a Past Life, is due out at the top of 2019; ahead of that, she's sharing tracks you can expect to hear on it, including her breakout "Alaska" and the powerful "Light On." That song got a video on Thursday (October 25) wherein she travels solo and learns a lot about herself.

The road-tripping clip was helmed by photographer Olivia Bee, whose washed sunsets and cold blues render Rogers in what's long been her ideal visual environment. While delivering the song, Rogers stops for a roadside meal, dances on a lone stretch of road, and explores everything behind the wheel. Very American.

She also weeps sometimes, because that's what happens. It's not always dancing and beautiful sunsets. Sometimes it is though, and "Light On" is a nice reminder of the balance of the two. "Really proud of this one," she wrote about the video on Instagram.

Get to know Rogers more via this MTV News clip, where Meredith Graves talked to her in all her sartorial resplendence — something also true for her new album cover — at Lollapalooza in 2017.

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