'Friends' Will Always Be There For You — For $100 Million A Year

Netflix re-ups its deal with 'Friends' at a very hefty price tag

Friends will always be there for you — if you can afford them.

Rumors of the beloved NBC sitcom's removal from Netflix ran rampant over the weekend when some astute binge-watches noticed a January 1 expiration date under the title. The news sent fans into total panic mode, forcing the streaming platform to shell out a reported $100 million to retain the show's streaming rights throughout 2019.

As The New York Times reports, this is quite a steep increase from the $30 million a year Netflix previously paid WarnerMedia to stream all 236 episodes of the sitcom. But Jennifer Aniston deserves that check — and so much more, TBH — so who am I to question Netflix's judgement?

In fact, thanks to Netflix, millions of young people now get to experience every minute, every laugh, every cringe, and every frustrating will-they-or-won't-they moment for the first, second, and 50th time. There's no limit on happiness.

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