Jaden Smith Dressed Like A Superhero For Prom, Of Course

This weekend, like so many other high schoolers across the land, Jaden Smith went to prom. Unlike other high schoolers, however, Jaden dressed as a superhero—cape, mask, and all.

At first glance, Jaden's outfit doesn't appear obviously superhero-ish—um, hi, ever see what Clark Kent wore on top of his Superman outfit? Exactly.

Step back a little bit further, though, and you can see that something—a cape, maybe?—hangs out from below the jacket.

Once all the ~typical~ prom photos were taken, Jaden unveiled the full look—yep, that is for sure a cape. And, yep, this isn't the first time we've seen Jaden in a pristine white superhero costume—he wore the same thing to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding.

At the party—and inside the photo booth, I assume—Jaden added even more to his outfit, in the form of a black Batman mask AND some Dame Edna-esque glasses.

Is Jaden gonna bring back this look for graduation? It seems likely, right? Sure, the voluminous cape will be masked—get it? Superhero pun LOL—by his gown, but when you find a formal event outfit that #WERKS for you, you've gotta stick with it. This whole superhero thing is definitely working for Jaden and, TBH, we can't wait to see where it pops up again.

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