Busta Rhymes Gets Six Months' Probation For Assault At Show

Rapper also must pay $371 in court costs and fees.

Busta Rhymes received a six-month probation sentence after pleading no contest Tuesday to a charge that he assaulted a woman during a concert in Fall River, Massachusetts, in December 2002.

The rapper appeared in court Tuesday for the sentence, according to a spokesperson for the town's district attorney's office. He was also ordered to pay $300 in court costs plus $71 in administrative fees. Busta will have his record cleared of the assault charge if he completes his probation term without getting into trouble.

Busta, whose real name is Trevor Smith Jr., was performing an impromptu after-hours show in Fall River when the incident occurred (see [article id="1471680"]"Busta Rhymes Goes To Court, Tries To Prevent Assault Charges"[/article]). A fan, Celine Giguere, from Providence, Rhode Island, allegedly reached out and touched his face. When she reached out a second time, according to the police report, he pushed her head into a table and threatened her.

Busta initially disputed that version of events, saying he only grabbed Giguere's hand. He filed his own assault complaint against her, but that was dismissed by the judge Wednesday (March 24) because of Busta's failure to appear in court to substantiate the claim. Giguere's civil suit against Busta had earlier been dismissed.

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