Nine Hangout Fest Vines That Put You Right On The Sand

These video snippets of Afrojack, Macklemore and more give you a taste of all the on-demand coverage MTV and VH1 have to offer.

GULF SHORES, Alabama -- In case you've been living under a social-media-free rock for the past couple of days, a little thing called the Hangout Music Fest is well under way in Gulf Shores, and festival-goers have taken to Vine to give you some seconds-long snippets of all the fun they're having.

Of course, Vine vids offer just a tiny taste. You can tune in live to the performances all weekend on our Hangout Music Fest site, or see what you missed with our on-demand Hangout video highlights.

[article id="1707616"]Go Behind The Beach With Vinny Guadagnino At Hangout Fest![/article]

For now, the fans -- and the MTV and VH1 staffers on the ground -- put you right in the middle of the action with the nine buzziest Vines from the weekend so far:

Front-Row Seat For Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

The ceiling can't hold this rapper/producer duo, and neither can a five-second sneak peek. Check out even [article id="1707604"]more from their raucous Hangout set now[/article]!

Afrojack, Behind the Scenes

While the view is a bit muddled from all the smoke filling the stage, it's clear from the thousands of people in attendance jumping in unison that Afrojack is a bona fide EDM superstar.

Kings Of Leon Could Use Someone Like You

As a headliner for the next big thing in music festivals, there was undoubtedly a lot of weight on [article id="1707609"]Kings of Leon's shoulders Friday night[/article] -- and the vets more than delivered.

Twenty One Pilots Drum Up Some Fans

The rap/rock duo might not have been familiar to all the fest-goers before [article id="1707590"]their Friday set[/article], but when they stepped out onto (yes, not into, onto) the crowd complete with kettle drums, they surely left an impression.

Bird's-Eye View Of The Roots

Is that a tuba?!? Check out the Legendary Roots Crew taking a vacation from the "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" set for a serious Alabama jam session.

The Flavor Of Hangout

"When I say 'hip,' you say 'hop'!" Public Enemy still have it, thanks in large part to their clock-wearing hype man, the incomparable Flavor Flav.

Wolfgang Gartner Is Smokin'

We showed you the smoky backstage view of [article id="1707607"]Afrojack's set[/article]; now here's the crowd's perspective of another EDM idol and smoke enthusiast, Wolfgang Gartner.

Passion Pit Take A Walk

The band take one of their biggest hits for a stroll on the Hangout stage, and fans are walking (and dancing) right alongside them.

Baby, You're A Firework

Night One ended in epic, Katy Perry-approved fashion with an Independence Day-worthy fireworks display. Boom goes the dynamite!

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