Kylie Jenner Sings In SnapChat Video And Fans Can't Even

We'll just be here waiting for Kylie's first single.

by Daniela Capistrano

With almost 10 million Twitter follows, fashion industry cred, and musical royalty in her family (through marriage), Kylie Jenner already has the following of a pop star without ever releasing an album. This past weekend, Kylie tantalized fans with a video of herself singing the line, “how many times I gotta tell ya to come over?” on Snapchat-- or was she simply lip- syncing to friend Pia Mia’s “Complicated” vocals? You be the judge!

Fans took to Twitter to debate the video’s authenticity and to share their reactions:

This wasn’t the first time Kylie shared her singing voice through short videos (there are plenty on her Vine account), but her latest Snapchat definitely reminded the world that big sis Kim isn’t the only one who’s taken a turn at the mic.

Remember 2011, when Kim debuted “Jam (Turn It Up)” to lackluster reviews? Mrs. Kardashian West wasn’t exactly suited for pop superstardom, but you never know; that shouldn’t deter Kylie from giving a singing career a fair shot.

What do you think? Is the video all Kylie, and could she hack it as a pop star?