Lindsay Lohan 'Great' On 'SNL,' Castmembers Say

'She really wanted to do a good job, and I think she pulled through,' Bobby Moynihan tells MTV News.

While [article id="1680377"]Lindsay Lohan's "Saturday Night Live"[/article] hosting gig received mixed reviews, [article id="1680406"]Lohan's episode delivered[/article] the second-highest ratings of the season. Yet another measure of success came recently from some of the show's castmembers when they weighed in on her performance.

MTV News' Josh Horowitz caught up with Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam Sunday night, and they had only kind words for the actress. "I think she did great. There were a lot of expectations, and I hope we met [them]," Moynihan said on the red carpet of Amnesty International's Secret Policeman's Ball. "I think she really wanted to do a good job, and I think she pulled through."

It's no secret that Lohan's troubled past meant she had a [article id="1680215"]fair share of naysayers[/article] going into Saturday's performance, but the cast was eager to support her. "I think it's one of the things about 'SNL' ... we really want people to succeed and I hope that was clear," Moynihan said. "It's always nice to see someone happy and doing things they like."

Killam agreed that Lohan did well, despite the actress' critics. "I'm sure, as was the energy leading up to the week, there was apprehension, but she was just such a good sport that it was really fun," he said.

The "SNL" studio is familiar territory for Lohan, which ultimately may have helped make her comfortable, Killam pointed out. "She's got a history with the show," he said. "It's her fourth time doing it, so there's definitely a familial vibe with her. She truly was game and gave it her all."

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