Logic And Eminem Try To Out-Rap Each Other On Category 5 Storm 'Homicide'

Chris D'Elia spits his hilarious verse in Slim Shady's skin

Comedian Chris D'Elia might have the best impression of Eminem in the world. In a 2018 video, he recorded a parody video of what he thinks Eminem sounds like — his face remained plain but his words were twisted and snarled like the rap legend he imitated. That viral clip has found new life in the new collaboration between Logic and Eminem, "Homicide." The dizzyingly fast track is as ferocious and complex as these two masters of rap techniques, but the real star here is D'Elia, who makes his song debut next to his idol, and if it weren't for the dip in audio quality to signal that D'Elia's voice is a recording, it's hard to tell where Eminem stops and D'Elia begins.

Logic and Eminem, meanwhile, sound like they've taken 12 shots of espresso and two Red Bulls apiece, then headed into the studio to rap while running at max speed on identical treadmills. It's like the Tasmanian Devil got cloned into a slightly eviler version; then the two hopped in the booth together and spat identical 16s. Logic sniffs and smiles. There's blood in the water. "And I'm tired of all of this high school 'he's cool, he's not' rap shit / Can a single one of you motherfuckers even rap? Shit," he rhymes breathlessly, snapping at his competition with bared, bloody fangs and a scarlet glint in his eyes.

Eminem similarly has something to prove just by standing next to Logic. Do you think that one of the greatest rappers of all time would let his younger half outshine him? Think again. Eminem turns into The Flash and disappears in a blinding burst of red light. The quotable phrases zoom around you in disparate words and ideas and you'll have to use a lasso to piece them together. "I'm lookin' for the smoke but you motherfuckers are scattering / Battering everything and I've had it with the inadequate," he raps as the excess of words come tumbling out of his mouth. When his lungs can't hold anymore, he hands the song off to D'Elia for the vicious Eminem-like verse that captures all of the legend's idiosyncrasies.

"Homicide" will appear on Logic's forthcoming album, Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind. Last month, the rapper became the first to top the New York Times Best Sellers list with his debut novel, Supermarket.

Listen to this rapping whirlwind above.

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