Where's Black Widow? Here's Where You Can Find Her At Comic-Con

We hunted down all the Black Widow merch we could find, and here it is!

This year, many "Avengers" fans were upset when all the "Age of Ultron" toys, clothing, games, and other goodies hit stores and there just wasn't enough Black Widow to satisfy them. They were so upset, in fact, that they took to Twitter with a massive fan-led campaign using the hashtags "#WhereIsBlackWidow" and "WheresNatasha" -- which even got the attention of a few male Marvel stars like Mark Ruffalo and Clark Gregg.

Well, some of you might be disappointed to learn that Black Widow's still pretty elusive at this year's

">San Diego Comic-Con -- although in fairness, SDCC is a massive, MASSIVE event that's got everything from "Star Wars" to "The Hunger Games" vying for fans attention.

Heck, even amazing female friendly retailers like Her Universe and WeLoveFine weren't repping Black Widow merch at their booths this year -- but that's probably because they chose instead to focus on new products that feature the new Thor, Peggy Carter, Spider-Gwen, and other amazing women. And hey, that's what we all really want, right? More opportunities for female heroes to get the spotlight?

But we understand: if you're a hardcore Black Widow fan and you're hunting for goodies at SDCC this weekend, Peggy Carter just isn't going to cut it (even though she's SUPER rad, trust us on that one.) You want your Natasha Romanoff, and we're here to give it to you. Here's all the merch we found on the floor during Preview Night on Wednesday (June 8):

This SDCC Exclusive Funko Pop shirt!

funko shirt

Grab one at the Funko booth at #5341!


This Itty Bitty Widow

hasbro little

She comes packaged with Captain America and she is adoooorabllle.

This Marvel Legends Set

hasbro legends 1

The new, bigger figure also comes with the cinematic version of Thor, Bruce Banner, and Hawkeye!

A Closer Look At The New Legends Figure

hasbro legends 2

Go see her for yourself at the Hasbro booth at #3329.

This Hot Wheels Car

hot wheels

Check it out at the Mattel booth, #3029!

This Gentle Giant "Winter Soldier" statue

gentle giant status

It's not available for sale yet as its still pending licensor approval -- probably because they very clearly shrunk Scarlet Johansson down and stole her life essence to make this eerily lifelike statue. Go see her at Booth #3513!

This Sweet Kotobukiya Figure


Closer to the comics version than the "Age of Ultron" Black Widow, but she's still rad nonetheless. Check her out at the Kotobukiya booth, ##2601.

This Square Enix Play Arts Kai Figure

kai arts-crop

Again, not available for sale -- heck, she's not even painted yet -- but it's nice to see Square Enix expanding their completely bonkers "Avengers" line. Go see her at Square Enix #3829!

This LEGO Superheroes Set

lego superheroes

Buy it at the LEGO Booth, #2829.

This SDCC Exclusive Set Of Skottie Young Variant Pins!

marvel skottie pin-crop

You can pick them up at the Marvel booth, #2329 in the exhibit hall. But go now, there's a limited supply!

This exclusive SDCC Marvel Shirt

marvel shirt

One Marvel employee working the booth told me that they're very excited to be bringing more Black Widow specific-merchandise to con-goers this weekend. Just make sure you get yours at #2329!

The Sideshow Hot Toys "Ultron" Black Widow

sideshow hot you

Yup, still creepily lifelike.

This Hot Toys Cosbaby

sideshow cosplay cuties-crop

Eeeeee so cute! See her for yourself at the Sideshow booth, #1929.

This gorgeous charm from ThinkGeek

thinkgeek charm-crop

Got a Pandora charm bracelet? Grab one of these from the ThinkGeek booth #3351 and put it on there. You're welcome.

This Black Widow shirt from ThinkGeek

thinkgeek shirt

You also can't buy this one YET, but rest assured that it's going to be awesome when it's available in October -- when you press the Black Widow logo, the shirt lights up! Check it out for yourself at the ThinkGeek booth, #3351.