Jeff Bridges, Jason Reitman React To Oscar Nominations

The Coen brothers, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Carey Mulligan and others express their gratitude.

In the day since the [article id="1631023"]2010 Oscar nominations[/article] were announced, we've heard stories about honorees [article id="1631047"]hearing the good news[/article], [article id="1631090"]freaking out[/article] and saying [article id="1631128"]gracious things[/article]. Yet there are many nominees who still have stories to tell and thanks to give.

Golden Globe winner and front-runner for the best actor Oscar Jeff Bridges ([movie id="433350"]"Crazy Heart"[/movie]) told a CBS affiliate, "[T]o be acknowledged like that by the guys who do what you do is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. And to bring attention to this movie that I'm so proud of. And happy that I'm a part of."

"We are very happy to have received these nominations and would like to thank the Academy and everyone that made this film possible -- a special thanks to Focus Features and Working Title Films," said Joel and Ethan Coen, whose [movie id="344790"]"A Serious Man"[/movie] received two nods, including Best Picture. "Thank you very much."

Fellow director Jason Reitman ([movie id="391958"]"Up in the Air"[/movie]) told a story about the history of his films during awards season and his relationship with his director father, Ivan Reitman. "Five years ago, when I woke up to see if [movie id="272173"]'Thank You for Smoking'[/movie] was going to get nominated and it didn't, my father was the first to console me," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "Two years ago, when [movie id="306135"]'Juno'[/movie] was nominated, he was the first to call. And today, words can't describe what it's like to share a nomination with your dad. This is the man who taught me everything about life and directing."

Another director and writer, Wes Anderson ([movie id="327238"]"Fantastic Mr. Fox"[/movie]), related the long tale of adapting "Fox" for the screen. "I am very honored to have received an Oscar nomination for 'Fantastic Mr. Fox,' " he said in a statement. "Roald Dahl's classic story has been one of my favorite books since I first learned to read, and it was an amazing experience to work with my many, many very skilled collaborators and bring it to life as a stop-motion film!"

Bridges' "Crazy Heart" co-star Maggie Gyllenhaal, who was not nominated for a Golden Globe, said she was shocked by her Oscar nod for supporting actress. "I was completely surprised," she told a CBS affiliate. "I'm so proud of this movie. I'm more proud of my work in it than of anything I've done. But I haven't been nominated for anything else. I was just shocked. But thrilled. I mean, beyond thrilled. I was kind of shaking in the hallway this morning."

Carey Mulligan, a best actress nominee for [movie id="384718"]"An Education,"[/movie] reacted with a similar sense of bewilderment. "You can have as many people tell you that you're going to get nominated, but it doesn't feel possible until it happens," she told THR. "I'm walking around the back garden of my friend's house where I'm staying, still pinching myself."

Christopher Plummer ([movie id="386588"]"The Last Station"[/movie]), conversely, took the nomination for his role as Leo Tolstoy in stride. "I'm just going to carry on with my life and be thankful and that's it," the 80-year-old said in statement. "My celebration days, which were huge, are now slightly modified, shall we say. At my exalted age, I can't quite do the old 24-hour nightly shifts that I used to."

Plummer's co-star Helen Mirren, who played Tolstoy's wife Sofya, said in a statement, "I'm very happy and honored for Christopher, myself and our film. I think Tolstoy himself would have been perplexed by all this, but Sofya, his wife, would have been over the moon. So in that spirit, I am, too."

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