Jonah Hill Sent His Food Diary To Drake And Things Got Awkward

Now Drake knows that Jonah Hill loves yogurt

Let Jonah Hill's mistake be a lesson to us all — always double-check who you're sending an email or text to. On Tuesday's (August 2) Tonight Show, Hill spoke to Jimmy Fallon about accidentally sending his daily food diary to Drake. Oops.

"The doctor was like, do me a favor and write down what you eat every day and email it to me," Hill explained. He was getting in shape for his upcoming movie War Dogs. "I wrote down yogurt, salad, chicken, whatever and I sent it to him. I was looking an hour later through my sent messages [because] he didn't email back."

Turns out the "dr" he typed for "doctor" auto-filled to "Drake." So Drake — whom Hill doesn't "know well at all and only met once" — now knows about Hill's healthy eating habits. He never responded to the email, to make things even more awk.

It's been an interesting week for Hill in general, with Leonardo DiCaprio pranking him by pretending to be an overeager fan. Celebs, they're just as awkward as us!

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