All The Steamy Proof That 'The Challenge' Is A Small-Screen Version Of 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

At times, the daredevil competition got just as heated as the erotic novel.

At first thought, you might not associate the steamy trilogy "Fifty Shades of Grey" with "The Challenge." For starters, the hit MTV program doesn't feature a decked-out Red Room of Pain with a plethora of whips and chains for the group to use whenever they please. Also, the daredevil missions aren't really BDSM-themed, and dominant/submissive relationship contracts aren't a thing amongst the contestants. Last, but certainly not least, NO RIDING CROPS!

But that doesn't mean that there haven't been a few instances (not all hookups!) that could have doubled as scenarios from the pages of E.L. James' worldwide phenomenon. Take a look at some of the sexually charged -- or perfectly innocent -- moments below:

A bit of piano-inspired foreplay

"Cutthroat" lovebirds Abram and Cara Maria got in the mood with a late-night musical sesh -- and their fellow competitors' reaction to their romantic antics was priceless. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson's characters would TOTALLY approve of this -- with the addition of a few kinky accessories, obvi.

Oh sugar, oh honey honey


Robin used the perfect technique to get the sweet goo off of her "ex" Mark's washboard abs. Just follow that happy trail, R!



Johnny Bananas' dear pal Diem helped the five-time champ de-robe during a wild "BOTE" night out in Finland. Anastasia did during this bathroom scene

Bye, white blouse!!

Déjà vu of a certain part of the erotic novel...

"Rivals 2" friends with bennies Jordan and Sarah had a makeout sesh in the pantry (heck, the former "RW: Brooklyn" native even removed her top) -- and it very much resembled that passionate elevator moment between A and C.

...C'mon, amiright?!

Slam. Her. Against. That. Wall.

"XXX Games" indeed

Unlike his "Rivals 2" partner Wes, CT certainly wasn't afraid to show off his tremendous hip action during the somewhat-raunchy mission. Mr. Grey will see you now to tell you how he's so proud of this display.

Bachelorette party gone wild


Miss Steele's statement "OH CRAP" perfectly sums up this "Free Agents" affair between faux bride-to-be Nany and her stripper Johnny Reilly. Finger's crossed we'll see JD's backside, since his todger will be totally under wraps...

Dance the night a 69 position


Adam and Brittany weren't taking a twirl in Christian's tremendous Seattle apartment, but we're totally envisioning the Seattle pair trying this move once, or maybe 13082310820891 times.

Lick up all that peanut butter, please


Making good use of those tongues, Wes and Theresa! And we can't make any "Fifty" references that wouldn't be we'll bite our, well, tongues.

Lightning-speed bumping and grinding


Leroy and Nia were all about getting very up close and personal while transferring that paint during "The Brush Off." Almost like the former innocent college grad and S&M-obsessed billionaire's adventures and romps in the RROP...

+ Any other steamy "Challenge" moments come to mind? Sound off in the comments, keep watching "BOTE2" on Tuesdays at 11/10c and stay with MTV News for lots of "Fifty Shades of Grey" coverage!

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