Master P On His Son, Lil' Romeo: 'I'm Working For Him Now'

P, Silkk the Shocker are signed to Romeo's Guttar Music Label.

LOS ANGELES -- Eight years ago this week, Master P was taking a break from running his No Limit empire to rehearse for his Video Music Awards performance.

Oh, how times have changed.

No Limit is no more, and P would be lucky to get an invite to a VMA afterparty. Still -- and give the guy some credit -- he's optimistic. Especially about his new boss.

"I'm working for him now," P said recently, nodding to his son and protégé, Lil' Romeo. "He's the youngest president in the game right now."

Romeo -- or Cookie Monster Jr., as he sometimes goes by these days (dad would be Cookie Monster Sr.) -- is the CEO of Guttar Music, home to more than 15 rappers.

"I'm gonna do just like my dad did back in the day with No Limit, just bring a lot of artists out," Romeo said. "We gonna try to drop albums every month. That's my goal."

The label is also setting out to be a trailblazer in technology, releasing DVDs along with all its albums. "Me and Romeo are preparing for the future," P said. "We just been making a lot of great music and making movies [to go along with it]."

Both Master P and Silkk the Shocker are on the label, as well as newcomers like T-Bo and Cognito. "They're from New Orleans, and they're all Hurricane Katrina victims," P said.

Guttar Music's first release will be "God's Gift," a Romeo movie with an accompanying soundtrack featuring his latest tracks. It's due November 14.

"I feel I just matured so much in these new songs," Romeo said.

"He's [17]. He's so old now," P interrupted, joking.

This fall, Romeo plans to enroll in college and play basketball.

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