Breast Implants, Dead Bugs, and 9 Other Weird Celebrity Collections

Stars -- they're just like us!

Celebrities might be more popular, attractive, and richer than the rest of us normals, but they do have one thing in common with many of us: they can be weirdly obsessed with hoarding and collecting junk they really don't need.

Think you're a weirdo for owning so many action figures, Pokémon cards, or handbags? It's cool, you've got some pretty great company. Plus, the stuff that some celebs collect is probably way weirder than whatever you've got stored in your attic right now.

Norman Reedus collects breast implants.


At least, he's certainly about to. The "Walking Dead" star told Entertainment Weekly last week that he's received not one but two silicon implants from his fans, and he wants to start a whole collection of them now. I’m going to take them out of all the women’s bodies and just make a giant pile of them and lay my head on them," he joked. "So yeah, send more breast implants.”

Okay, so he's probably kidding. But it would certainly make for an interesting hobby!

Khloe Kardashian collects shoes.

Her multiple color-coded shoe closets are legendary at this point, and she has so many at this point that she can't even count them all. At least shoes are a pretty useful thing to have so many of, considering that they go on your feet every day!

Chris Pratt collects bugs (and so does Anna Faris).

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Anna told James Cordon on "The Late Late Show" recently that she and her husband Chris Pratt bonded over their love of insects. "When Chris and I started dating he invited me over to his apartment and he also had a dead bug collection," she said. "I started to cry! I've met the man of my dreams. We both have dead bug collection. "

Nicholas Cage collects comic books.

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His collection once included a pristine issue of "Action Comics #1," the very first appearance of Superman in DC Comics, and "Dective Comics #38," which first introduced the world to Batman's sidekick Robin. The "Action Comics" issue in question sold back in 2011 for over $2 million dollars.

Angelina Jolie collects knives.


As she once told Conan O'Brien waaay back in the '90s, she's been fascinated by knives ever since she went to a Renaissance festival in her youth (honestly, same -- there's something about a ye olde display of weapons that just sets a nerd girl heart aflutter). She's since continued the tradition with her son Maddox, who was interested in his mom's hobby as far back as 2008.

Dan Akroyd collects police badges.

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Not only is the former Ghostbuster a reserve police commander in Harrahan County, Louisiana and in Hinds County, Mississippi, but he also has a pretty big collection of badges, as he told his Facebook followers. "My favourite ones are the pre-1950’s California Sheriffs’ Rose Gold Stars with the separate metal plate bear bolted to the front," he wrote.

Leonardo DiCaprio collects action figures.


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DiCaprio is apparently a huge fan of vintage "Star Wars" and "He-Man" figures, which he keeps in their original packaging. Back in 2010, one of his original "He-Man" figures sold for $9,000, and recently he also sold a Jawa figure for $5,040. He's also auctioned off toys from "E.T.," "The A Team," "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Planet of the Apes."

Tom Hanks collects typewriters.

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Hanks' obession with typewriters has been the stuff of legends for years. As he wrote for the New York Times a few years ago, he uses one almost every day for regular correspondence -- he also ha an app for tablets that mimics the sound that a typewriter makes (known as Hanx writer, of course), and last year he sold a collection of short stories inspired the obsolete word processing tools. Chris Hardwick once even bribed him to come onto the "Nerdist podcast" by sending him a typewriter, and it totally worked.

Demi Moore collects dolls.

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Before Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore called it quits, he was not afraid to call her out for her weird hobby on Twitter. "Spent the day going through wifey's insane doll collection. 3000 thousand contemporary art dolls all staring at U. I'm gonna have nightmares," he wrote back in 2009.

Quentin Tarantino collects board games.

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Specifically, he's really into board games that are based on TV and movies, as he told Rolling Stone waaay back in 1994. He reportedly sorts them via genre.

Taylor Swift collects friends.

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Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift

Don't be mad, she totally does -- and we all wish we could be part of her squad, too.