21 Savage Is Playfully In Love On Normani's 'Motivation' Remix

Pinch him, he must be dreaming

Normani's jumpy anthem "Motivation," a pop tune with a booty-bouncing video that pays homage to the early 2000s, has received an awesome remix with some hints about love from the perspective of a guy. This dude in particular, who gives his adorable journey into becoming head over heels, is none other than 21 Savage. From his jaw-dropping when he first saw her, to flinging the keys to her to drive his expensive cars, 21 Savage immerses us in what it's like to have that perfect someone.

21 Savage's verse comes front and center after Normani's now unforgettable introduction where she asks you to let her be your motivation. 21 immediately gazes off into the sky, smiling as he thinks about his little pookie-wookie (or whatever baby-talk name he prefers). "One look was all it took, she know what to do / I swear she read me like a book / Be my motivation, when I come home she gonna cook," he raps, his cheeks probably turning red.

She's completely changed his life; he "used to be a dog in the past." Not anymore. "Now I'm good," he says, finishing the bar with a smirk. He raps about calling her Home Depot (we'll let you decipher this X-rated bar yourself) and avoiding stupid rumors that bring unnecessary drama. What you take away from this is happiness. We all deserve someone to make us feel like we're floating on a pink sea of plush hearts.

Normani dropped "Motivation" in August. She recently appeared on "Bad to You" with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj from the Charlie's Angels soundtrack.

Listen to 21 Savage and Normani's adorable look at love in the remix to "Motivation" up above.