7 Reasons Emily Blunt Is The Perfect 'Girl On The Train'

Make it happen, Hollywood.

If you haven't read Paula Hawkins' "The Girl On The Train" yet, first of all where have you been and secondly, get on that now, please and thank you.

Because this is the one that everyone in the people-who-like-to-compare-things-iverse has pegged as the next "Gone Girl" and for good reason: it's suspenseful, well-written, outright bonkers, and completely filmable.

Which makes it no surprise, then, that the movie rights for this bad boy were seized upon before the bloody book even hit shelves and sold a bajillion - okay, 2 million - copies.

And now they're looking at who's gonna play the whacked out pro-sometimes-an-tagonists, and Emily Blunt's name is in the mix for Rachel -- for the uninitiated, Rachel is THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN - and now it's conversation over. 'Cause she is the one.

Here's proof.

First of all, she's already British.

Emily Blunt 1

So, you know, there wouldn't be any accent issues going down.

Secondly, she can definitely do crazy weirdo.

Emily Blunt 2

She seems so down-to-earth IRL and all, but we know she's got the potential to play an effed up ex. We know this.

Also? She can switch it to fierce vixen lady when needed.

Emily Blunt 3

And -- spoiler? -- it will be needed.

And she'll totally look convincing with a bottle.

Emily Blunt 5

Because we all know Rachel has a thing with her booze. So, um, that's kind of important.

Not to mention, Emily Blunt is just plain fabulous.

Emily Blunt 4

We want her in all the movies, frankly.

But it would also be cool to watch her head explode with ragey, drunken fits of jealousy.

Emily Blunt 6

Because, errr ... reasons?

Put simply: It is time for her superduper big break, and this could be it.

Emily Blunt 7

Make that, this *will* be it. Because she's getting this job, right?! Yas.

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