Katy Perry Is Getting Her Game Face On For The Super Bowl

Sorry, In-and-Out Burger, you're gonna have to chill until after February 1.

Playing the Super Bowl halftime show is no joke. You have to get on and off the field in 12 minutes and do everything perfect because, you know, the whole country is watching.

That's why, when it comes to half-time, the NFL typically picks a known crowd-pleasing career artist like Paul McCartney, Prince, the Who, Bruce Springsteen and ... well, the Black Eyed Peas that one time. But come February 1, it's Katy Perry's turn and she is taking the honor very seriously.

Her mantra? "Eyes on the Prize, no fries." Solid.

Lucky for Katy, she didn't say anything about giving up pizza...

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Katy Perry

Or Cheetos...

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Katy Perry dresses up as a Cheetoh at Kate Hudson'