Jennifer Lopez Unveils New Alter Ego 'Lola'

By Nuzhat Naoreen

Jennifer Lopez has a new album coming out early next year called Love?, and like most artists, she has already put out a single to help promote it ("Fresh Out the Oven," featuring Pitbull). But unlike most of the music world, she has also given herself an alternate personality to go along with her new album.

Say hello to "Lola."

Who is Lola? As of right now, she's a silhouetted dancing figure with a Web site and a Twitter account.

Her first -- and so far only -- tweet was posted last Tuesday and doesn't provide too many answers: "Lola here. What's my deal? Well, wouldn't you like to know…"

The few words of text on the Web site don't help much either: "She was mysterious … she was like someone I'd never met."

No official word yet on how long Lola's sticking around, but if she's here to stay she'll certainly have some competition -- and a lot to live up to. After all, J.Lo's just one of many divas to take on an alter ego. Beyoncé introduced the world to Sasha Fierce last year, while Mariah Carey often references her alter ego Mimi. Even rappers aren't immune to switching up their personas: T.I. split an album with his other character T.I.P. back in 2007. Each of those superstar artists have set quite a precedent, but if anybody can rise to the occasion, it's Lopez.

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