Harmony Restored In Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ... Again

Bizzy Bone is back with rest of group, will join tour October 22.

The Bizzy Bone is connected to the ... rest of Bone.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Bizzy have reconciled after the rapper was ousted late last month for walking off the stage on opening night of the Grey Goose Tour in New York (see [article id="1457827"]"Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Toss Out Bizzy Bone"[/article]).

"We got mad at the n---a 'cause he fainted onstage and all that, but it was all good as long as he took care of himself," Layzie Bone said Friday. "He went and detoxed himself for a couple weeks. He focused on getting his health back. N---a been having anxiety attacks and sh-- like that, but we expect him to be on the next tour."

Contrary to his hostile comments to the New York Times the night of the show, Layzie downplayed Bizzy's behavior at the Times Square club.

"Basically what happened was we consume alcohol and do things like that and he got a little bit too tipsy and couldn't make it through the show, but it was always the plan that he wasn't going to be on this tour anyway," he explained. "He had other things he was doing, like a movie that he's filming right now with Michelle Pfeiffer and things like that. And so we came out to get a little money while he was getting that money over there."

It wasn't the first time the group has been at odds with Bizzy. Two years ago he refused to help promote BTNHResurrection because of a dispute with the group's label (see [article id="1451818"]"Harmony Restored In Bone Thugs-N-Harmony"[/article]).

Bizzy, who has performed on one other stop on the tour so far, joined Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in Miami for a video shoot earlier this week and will join the Grey Goose Tour's second leg, which begins October 22.

"All we really want the world to know is that we are family," Layzie said. "A family goes through what they go through -- it just so happens that the world gets to see ours. Why is everybody scrutinizing our family? I bet everybody in their own family got their own problems, but they stay family, and that's how we do it."

Bone Thugs shot the video for "Money, Money," the second single from Thug World Order, due October 29, with director Darren Grant (Destiny's Child, Boyz II Men).

"We did a Robin Hood thing, where we took from the rich and gave to the poor," Layzie said. "We did a lick on some big-time moneymakers, politicians and all that, and took their money to shelters and hospitals to the kids, tried to make it positive but still street."

Of course, the Cleveland rappers also kept some money for themselves. The video ends with Bone Thugs partying on a yacht, a more fitting scene for the song, which was produced by Self Service (Sticky Fingaz).

"We always gotta have a money anthem," Layzie said of the single, on which he croons the chorus "Money, money/ Mighty dollar, dollar/ Gotta get my grind on, grind on/ I don't wanna be broke no more." "It's on the same vibe as you gotta get up and get out and get somethin'. You can't sit on your ass."

By the sounds of it, Bone Thugs have done nothing of the sort. Layzie said the group has two more albums recorded, with plans to release the next one in June. That's after releasing a whopping five singles from Thug World Order.

Following "Get Up and Get It," featuring 3LW, and "Money, Money" will be "Home," which samples Phil Collins' "Take Me Home"; "All the Way," described as "some snapping fast type of sh--"; and the inspirational "What About Us."

"It's talkin' about the war on terrorism and all the wars they fightin' in the world when we got our own problems in American they can't solve," Layzie said of the fifth single. "We trying to keep it political. We gettin' a little older, so we ain't talking about no bullsh--."

Bone Thugs, who hope to stay on the road for the next two years, also have individual projects on their plates. Bizzy's film debut, "Jacked," recently hit video stores, while Krayzie just shot "Ghetto Cowboy."

Layzie's prepping the next release on the Mo Thugs label and also just finished a movie, the urban drama "Ballin'."

"It's about a little kid having aspirations about playing baseball in the major leagues, but he gets sidetracked, so he ends up ballin' on another level, which in the end costs him his life," Layzie said.

Mo Thugs IV, the Movement, due January 14, features Layzie with Skant Bone, Emmortal Thugs, Ken Dawg, DJ Ice and others. The first single, "All Life Long," is a collaboration between Layzie and Felecia.

Meanwhile, the Grey Goose Tour with Eightball and MJG, Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz, and Lady May continues Friday in Birmingham, Alabama.

Grey Goose Tour dates, according to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's spokesperson:

  • 10/11 - Birmingham, AL @ Five Points Music Hall
  • 10/12 - Atlanta, GA @ Coca Cola Roxy Theatre
  • 10/13 - Tampa, FL @ The Masquerade
  • 10/14 - Miami Beach, FL @ Level
  • 10/22 - Ventura, CA @ Ventura Theatre
  • 10/23 - Los Angeles, CA @ House of Blues
  • 10/24 - San Diego, CA @ 4th & B
  • 10/25 - Las Vegas, NV @ House of Blues
  • 10/26 - Tucson, AZ @ Backstage
  • 10/29 - San Jose, CA @ HP Pavilion
  • 11/1 - Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater
  • 11/2 - Seattle, WA @ TBD
  • 11/8 - Maui, HI @ Art & Cultural Center
  • 11/9 - Honolulu, HI @ World Cafe
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