An 'Ex-Plosion' Is Coming! Check Out The Craziest 'Real World' Breakups Before The Premiere

Without fail, every time MTV packs seven strangers into a tricked-out house to shoot a new season of "Real World," love blossoms. However, more often than not, these romances are short-lived, crashing and burning just as quickly as they formed. We've seen our fair share of roomies experience heartbreak over the years, but we've NEVER witnessed anything like what's to come on "Real World: Ex-Plosion," when the San Fran house will be invaded by the cast members' former flames. AWK-WARD!

In anticipation of all the drama that's bound to occur once the number of occupants grows to twelve, we're taking a look back at the most memorable breakups in "Real World" history. Check 'em out, and tell us who was your favorite doomed duo!

"Real World: Las Vegas": Dustin and Heather

These two didn't limit their breakup to a one-time deal. After quickly falling in love in Vegas, quickly ending things over Dustin's porn star past, getting back together before "Battle of the Exes" and appearing together on VH1's "Couples Therapy," Dustin and Heather called it quits again over the summer. Heather confirmed their (final?) split on her blog, stating that they were no longer in "a healthy, productive relationship."

"Real World: D.C.": Ty and Emily

Back in the nation's capital, Ty and Emily's relationship started off passionately, and ended similarly: with a heated fight that led to Em spitting in Ty's face. Though they've met up on a few "Challenges" since, the two have never tried to rekindle their romance...and we're pretty sure this video of their deal-breaking rumble is evidence enough as to why.

"Real World: Hawaii": Colin and Amaya

These two were quick to jump into a friends-with-benefits arrangement while shacking up in paradise, but toward the end of their time in the house, Colin -- whose romantic feelings didn't quite mirror the level of Amaya's -- had kicked his former bed buddy to the curb. Amaya was so broken up over being slighted by her crush that she stopped eating all together and spent the rest of her days in Hawaii trying to make him jealous, even going so far as to spend the night with his visiting friend, Tony.

"Real World: Seattle": David and Kira

David's disregard for the #1 "Real World" commandment (Though shalt NOT fall in love with a member of the crew!) led to one of the most dramatic breakups in MTV history. Still, David told us in a 2012 interview that he and Kira continue to keep in touch, despite the histrionics from that fateful night. "I LOVE YOU! IT KILLS ME! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!!!!"

"Real World: Portland": Anastasia and Mark

When Bird touched down in the Pacific Northwest, she couldn't stop gushing over Mark, whom she left at home to embark on her "Real World" adventure. When he finally came to visit, though, Mark's decision to drink a little too much triggered a screaming match that rivaled the best of 'em. Eventually, they fled to a hotel to finish off the fight...and their relationship...but come "Challenge" time, it was clear that Ana had moved onward -- but not necessarily upward.

Photo: Kyle Rothenborg

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