There Was A 'Phil Of The Future' Reunion The Entire Internet Missed

It was a Thanksgiving family get-together.

The Disney Channel TV show "Phil of the Future" had it all: fun gadgets, a talking caveman, cyborgs and Raviv Ullman. The teenage dreamboat melted girls' hearts from 2004 to 2006 and had fans shipping Pheely before shipping was really even a thing. In the series finale, Phil and Keely (Aly Michalka) finally professed their love for each other, and then the Diffy family traveled back to the year 2121, leaving Keely behind. *Sob*

Back in July 2012, Ullman and Michalka had lunch and fans got to see Pheely back together again. (Guess Phil decided to stay in the 21st century after all.) Seriously though, how cute are these guys?!

Well, it turns out there was a recent reunion that took place over the Thanksgiving holiday all of the internet missed. I blame it on everyone going into a food coma, passed out in front of their TVs after eating that third piece of pie.

Ullman was reunited with his TV sister Pim (Amy Bruckner) on Nov. 26. The 24-year-old actress uploaded an adorable pic to Instagram of her and Ullman cheesin' it up. We're still missing two/fourths of the Diffy family — but I'm sure Lloyd and Barbara Diffy could be added to the photo, using the 22nd century invention the Replicator.

In case you're wondering what Ullman and Bruckner have been up to since the show ended, they've both definitely stayed busy with different projects.

For starters, Ullman guest-starred on an episode of "Broad City" and smoked a bong.

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Broad City

He's also an accomplished stage actor and podcaster.

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Raviv Ullman

Ullman appeared in the Off-Broadway drama "Russian Transport" in early 2012, and in "The Bad Guys" later that year, according to Bustle. Moreover, the 29-year-old actor had his own podcast called "Raviv Ullman Podcast" that's purpose was "introducing you to [his] friends and their favorite music."

Plus, he's dating Sarah Steele, who played his sister in "Russian Transport."

The couple were recently written about in The New York Times. Steele has a recurring role on "The Good Wife" and can be currently seen in the Off-Broadway play "The Humans."

Bruckner went to college at New York University.

According to The Huffington Post, the actress "actually left acting for around six years, studied human rights and feminist theory at NYU and eventually went backpacking through Europe." Whoa, human rights? Looks like Pim did a 180 from her evil, take-over-the-world plans.

Apparently, she doesn't get recognized for her iconic Disney Channel character.

Bruckner stated one of the main reasons people don't see the now-grown Pim in her is quite simple: She looks different now. "I do look a lot different than I did as a 13-year-old. I'm no longer perfectly spherical like I was on the show," she told The Huffington Post.

More recently, Bruckner was in the Lifetime movie "The Assualt."

She's also starring in "Trust (and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves to Sleep at Night)," which is currently in post-production, according to IMDb.

Both Ullman and Bruckner are huge supporters of women's rights and we absolutely love them for that. We also love they don't still have these haircuts and outfits.


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