Broad City Want Us To Tell You Thank You For The Bed, Bath And Beyond Coupons

They <i>never expire.</i>

Some people are asked to sign body parts, and others are more often presented with Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons.

That's the case for "Broad City" stars Abbi Jacobsen and Ilana Glazer. On their recent national tour ahead of the second season of their Comedy Central show, the duo were often asked to sign the coupons after paying extensive homage to them in the show's first season.

broad city bed bath

"We were on tour about a month or two ago and a lot of people brought Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons for us to sign, with, like, silver Sharpies," Glazer told MTV News at the premiere of season four of "Girls."

Jacobsen got her one better: she's personally benefitted from public knowledge of her Bed Bath and Beyond addiction.

"People love to tell me that they, too, use Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons," Jacobsen said. "People have given me them and I just bought a Magic Bullet with one, so thank you."

"Broad City" returns to Comedy Central with season two tomorrow, January 14.

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