Mobb Deep On The Rock/Rap Connection

Mobb Deep may have been a late addition to the Family Values tour, however, the Queens, New York rap duo are still a good fit with the rest of the lineup, and they are glad to be part of the tour.

The group was invited to join Family Values just as the tour was set to kick off; like Ja Rule and Run-DMC, they will be filling in on select dates for DMX, who dropped off the tour at the last minute (see [article id="1428189"]"DMX Out; Ja Rule, Mobb Deep In As Family Values Tour Launches"[/article]).

Mobb Deep's Prodigy and Havoc tell the MTV Radio Network that they couldn't be more excited about the prospect of playing with rock bands, such as Limp Bizkit and Filter. "It's like rap, man, and rock, it's almost the same thing," Prodigy explained.

Rock is just out there to a more (sizable) mass of people, you know what I'm saying, and rap is taking it there, it's definitely taking it there. (Rap) is definitely selling the same amount of units. It's

like, the combination of (rap and rock) is even more crazy.

On the second half of the tour, the duo of Method Man and Redman will take over in the tour's hip-hop slot, as previously announced. Their first full-length album as a duo, "Blackout," is in stores today (see [article id="1429424"]"Method Man, Redman Make Plans For New Album"[/article]).

-- John Gill

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