The MTV Golden Popcorn Was Too Heavy For This Little 'This Is Us' Star

It’s just too big for his little arms!!!

This Is Us star Lonnie Chavis stole our hearts at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards when he accepted the Tearjerker award alongside his TV dad, Milo Ventimiglia.

But the coveted Golden Popcorn was too heavy for Chavis, who plays the younger version of Randall (Sterling K. Brown) on the NBC drama. "I can't keep faking that this is not heavy," Chavis said, handing the award to Ventimiglia.

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This Is Us

Chavis and Ventimiglia won the award for their sentimental father-son scene in the show's episode "The Trip." The moment in question featured Ventimiglia's character Jack doing push-ups in karate class with little Randall on his back. "That moment in particular I feel like is so indicative of this beautiful moment of this father stepping up and participating in his son's life and showing him that he's always going to have his son's back," their costar Mandy Moore told MTV News on the Atlanta set of The Darkest Minds. "It was hard to not cry while we were shooting it."

It's honestly hard not to cry looking at photos of Chavis holding the Golden Popcorn.

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