P.O.D. To Drop 'Boom,' DVD

Band looks to more inspirational track for next single.

In an age of chaos and uncertainty, P.O.D.'s new single, "Youth of the

Nation," is being embraced as a rallying cry for frustrated teens — a

segment of the population that cares about the

future more than its elders sometimes think. The band just finished its

Youth of the Nation Tour and recently dropped a video for the song (see[article id="1450394"] "P.O.D. Avoid Doing 'Dark, Dark Video' For 'Youth Of The Nation' "[/article]). Instead of dwelling on "Youth," though, P.O.D. are looking to the future themselves and planning for the release of their next single, "Boom."

"We wanted to go back to the spirit we had with 'Alive' and have a song that

encourages people to be happy and thankful that they're alive,"

guitarist Marcos Curiel said. "We wanted to say, 'Let's not forget how to have

fun this time.' 'Boom' is just raw, in your face. When we play it live, the

crowd just goes nuts. Fists are in the air and the pit's going."

The success of "Youth of the Nation" will determine when "Boom" is released.

If the current single becomes a hit, the band will probably wait longer

before dropping "Boom." In either case, the song will go to radio and a

video will be shot in the first quarter of next year, a spokesperson at

the band's label said.

P.O.D. also plan to release their first DVD in the new year. Originally,

they wanted to have a DVD in stores by Christmas, but when they sat down to

assemble the package, they decided not to rush the project.

"We thought we had more footage than we really did, so we've just been

getting more footage on this tour," Curiel said. "And we've got more videos.

Now we can put on the unedited versions of 'Alive' and 'Youth of the

Nation.' "

Unlike many bands, whose DVDs simply offer videos and concert footage, P.O.D.

want their disc to present the first decade of the band.

"We're gonna show footage of the band from when we first started out on our

first tour all the way until now," Curiel said. "We were a lot younger then.

We look totally different now. Basically, it's just gonna show how we've

paid dues. It will be the history of our 10-year overnight


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