Todrick Hall Gets Naked Like Kim Kardashian (And Twerks Like Miley Cyrus)

The 'Todrick' star takes on some of Hollywood's biggest names in his latest video, 'Who Let the Freaks Out?'

Nicki Minaj. Pentatonix. Super Mario.

Todrick Hall is no stranger to channeling some of the entertainment world's most iconic names. But when it comes to the never-ending obsession with fame and fortune in Hollywood, the YouTube superstar has one question: "Who Let the Freaks Out?"

In tonight's premiere episode of "Todrick," he provides some commentary on the current state of celebrity culture, reenacting some of pop culture's most shocking moments, including Kim Kardashian breaking the Internet, Miley Cyrus twerking in a bear ensemble and Kanye taking the mic from T-Swift.

"They want to touch me just to taste the spotlight. I'll be on MTV all day and all night, and everything I do or say is copyright. Let the whole world know, we 'bout to give them a show," Toddy croons.

And what a show he puts on: From flashing paparazzi cameras to sex tapes to plastic surgery, Toddy takes a shot at every angle of life in the limelight as a superstar. Did we mention that the video also features killer choreography AND a totally intentional crotch flash wardrobe malfunction?

"A lot of people refer to this city as Holly-weird," the multi-talented actor-singer revealed in a sneak peek for the video. "And you know how people, when they're irrelevant, they start doing crazy things and try to get their name back in the limelight so they can be in the tabloids and TMZ and on the news every single night. And they basically let their freak out."

Freaky, indeed.

Watch all the scandalous glitz and glamour below, feel free to buy the song on iTunes here and don't forget to check out "Todrick" on Mondays at 10/9c!

Bonus clip: Check out the step-by-step choreography of "Who Let the Freaks Out?":