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Even Cole Sprouse Thinks He Looks Like Daisy Ridley

You can't unsee it

You all know Cole Sprouse, right? Jughead in Riverdale? One of the stars of the throwback series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody?

You know him and love him. But there's probably one thing you didn't know: He's actually a triplet. And Daisy Ridley is the third, long-lost Sprouse sibling.

Alright, alright. We're joking, of course. But looking at the two side-by-side, it's uncanny, right? Swap out hairstyles, take off a little makeup here and there (or put some on, if you prefer), and it's like they're looking into a mirror. The internet already spoke out on this at least a year or so ago. It's common knowledge for denizens of the internet, in case you missed out on that conversation. They're pretty much always unintentionally twinning.

But now, after all this time, Cole himself made a sly little joke referencing how close he and Daisy look, and the similarities cannot be unseen.



Taking to his own personal Instagram, with a comment that's now been deleted, Sprouse labeled his snap "Just a nice photo of me." Excuse us? Whomst? Soon after, his brother Dylan jumped in on the fun with his own (deleted) comment: "That's me smfh." It may seem insignificant, but Cole gave us our first true documented instance of acknowledging exactly how close he and Daisy look. We're talking playing each other in a film about their lives. Pulling a Parent Trap and living the other person's life.

And while the proof was swiftly taken down (probably so as not to destroy our heads and blow our minds), it lives on through the magic of the internet. Yes, we know Cole and Daisy aren't related, but it sure feels vindicating to know that even Cole himself apparently feels some type of way about it. Now if we could just get Daisy to weigh in on the situation...