Can You Guess The Film From The Bad Amazon Review? [Quiz]

Good luck.

No one likes hearing negative things about their favorite movies, but bad reviews are very common, especially on Amazon. Joe Grabinski’s hilarious Twitter account Amazon Movie Reviews shares screenshots of various film reviews, most of which are either LOL-worthy or make absolutely zero sense.

Which, TBH, makes is one of the funniest Twitter accounts out there — at least, in my opinion. Of course, the account has 151k followers, including Fallon Tonight, Haley Joel Osment and Mara Wilson, so it's definitely well-known.

We used 15 of Grabinski's screenshotted movie reviews, plus three we found on Amazon on our own, and created a quiz to see if you can correctly tell which film the reviews are about or not. Trust us, it's harder than you'd think.

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