'Victorious'’s Beck And Robbie Went On A Pokémon Go Adventure

Reck shippers will love this

Ever since the Pokémon Go app launched, the world has become obsessed with catching ’em all and being the best Pokémon trainer like no one ever was. It seems as if everyone under the sun is playing the addicting game, including Victorious stars Avan Jogia and Matt Bennett.

On Wednesday (July 13), the Nickelodeon bros went on a friendly neighborhood “Poké-crawl”" because friends who Pokémon Go together, stay together. They each shared a pic on Twitter of the experience, and both proved they are in it to win it. Sorry, Ash — there are new, more serious, trainers in town.

Risking death for somewhat #basic Pokémon? Come on, guys. At least make it an Articuno, or something a little more worthwhile. On the plus side, Rex the Puppet will be pleased Robbie Shapiro joined a gang, but Jade will be pissed AF she wasn’t invited to hunt for Pokémon once she finds out — even though she’d probably hate it.

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