JoJo And Remy Ma’s New Music Video Calls Out ‘Fake-Ass Bitches’

Being FAB isn’t a compliment

JoJo dishes out plenty of Mad Love on her recent record, except for anyone she deems to be a “fake-ass bitch.” That’s what “FAB.,” the title of her new single with Remy Ma, stands for. The acronym has no official definition, but the song’s lyrics condemn anyone who talks behind people’s backs, mooches off their friends, or disappears when you need them most.

Both ladies throw up their middle fingers in the “FAB.” music video, which dropped Tuesday (November 29). Somehow the black-and-white footage makes the gesture even more badass. See for yourself:

JoJo has had plenty of experience brushing off her critics, as her new album didn’t come easy. After years of issues with her label — at one point, executives told her she had to lose weight in order to sell her songs — she’s finally free to make the music she wants to. And in case her first comeback single, “Fuck Apologies,” didn’t make it clear, she’s not apologizing for being herself.