New Kurupt-Dr. Dre Track Arrives In Time For New Album

A new Dr. Dre-produced track titled "Ask Yourself A Question" was flown out by private jet from Los Angeles to a pressing plant in Grover, North Carolina at 3:00 a.m. on Monday morning in order to make the final cut on Kurupt's upcoming double-album "Kuruption."

The song, a new track by Kurupt featuring Dr. Dre, was recorded at Granny's Recording in Reno, Nevada, last week but was only finished late Sunday afternoon as Dre had to complete the final mix of "Ask Yourself A Question" at his "Dre's Crib" studio in Los Angeles.

The collaboration apparently went so well that even though the master recordings for the album had already been shipped to the pressing plant, this new song was rushed out immediately in order to make it onto the album.

"Kuruption" is due out October 6 on Kurupt's label, ANTRA/A&M Records, and will features two different CDs, each representing different styles of hip-hop -- one CD of the West Coast style and one CD of the East Coast style. The new album

marks the rapper's first full-length effort since 1995's "Dogg Food" with his Dogg Pound partner Daz Dillinger.

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