Austin Mahone & Camila Cabello Take A Selfie From The Weirdest Location

Are Austin and the Fifth Harmony member on a date?

Remember that time when Austin Mahone and Camila Cabello shared a "movie night" that may or may not have been a date ? Of course you do! You read the papers, don't you?

Well, according to this new photo that the "All I Ever Need" singer Instagrammed late last night, that April hangout was far from their last. By the looks of this "NO TRESPASSING" sign, it would appear as if Austin had led the Fifth Harmony member somewhere that they should not have been.

Or, maybe Camila was the one calling the shots? That finger to her mouth could very well be a "Shhhh!" to keep all the Mahomies following at home from tweeting some kind of "DON'T GO THROUGH THAT DOOR" warning to Austin.

Like, for all we know, the "Miss Movin' On" singer had a room full of Rottweiler pups wearing color-coordinated Trukfit hoodies waiting for him in there, and she didn't want anyone to ruin the surprise. (BRB, adding that to my birthday wish list...)

Well, if Camaustin/Ausmila/Camstin/HOW DO I SHIP YOU plan on going out again, might we recommend de-intensifying the danger factor when picking the next venue? Like, why not just go to the movies again? Need some thrills? "Godzilla" looks kinda scary. Oh, and be home by curfew. #MomVoice