This 'Catfish' Wasn't Asking For Money -- She Was 'Sending' It

Why was the online fraud giving so much cash to her 'victim'?

It may be time to solicit the very first Catfish accountant — the show’s most recent episode took the typical course of financial transaction and turned it upside-down. Wall Street wishes!

As part of the detective series’ latest adventure, Nev and Kamie made their way down to Oxon Hill, Maryland, where they met a young couple: William, 21, and Akirra, 19. Akirra originally wrote in to the Catfish team on behalf of William, insisting that he was being harassed by a former online love who simply wouldn’t accept the fact that was he happy in a new relationship.

Still, William had a soft spot for Jamie, a social media influencer with tons of followers. The two originally met on Twitter and quickly moved on to texting and voice calls. William said Jamie was warm and compassionate and even sent William money when he was falling short on rent.


That quickly proved to be a critical understatement.

By the time Nev and Kamie had touched down in Maryland, Jamie was still sending William money — routinely, and in big installments — via PayPal. As Kamie put it, Jamie was one hell of a sugar mama.

Still, in spite of Jamie’s kindness, William said his former flame was hesitant to move down to Maryland from New York once the relationship got serious, and so, he cut her off. But they kept chatting, and Jamie continued to send money.

To unspool the tangled web, Nev and Kamie conducted some independent research and were immediately thrown off by Jamie’s accounts. Though she had more than 24,000 Instagram followers and 70,000 on Twitter, the pages were pretty sparse, and Kamie suspected Jamie was buying followers.

The real shock came, though, when Nev and Kamie reverse-searched Jamie’s phone number and unearthed a related photo of a woman who looked completely different than the woman William believed he was talking to. And then it happened: When the group traveled to New York to meet Jamie once and for all, William pulled Nev aside beforehand and admitted that he’d been scrolling through old screenshots of conversations with Jamie. After looking back at one frame from 2017, William said he was suddenly reminded that Jamie had sent a photo of herself that just so happened to feature the same woman that matched the picture linked to the reverse phone-number search.

Finally, William, Nev and Kamie met up with Jamie at a nearby park -- and, as predicted, the latter revealed herself to be the woman William had unearthed in his saved conversations. She said that while she did originally use fake photos of herself, she eventually came clean to William, who refused to believe her. And so she reverted back to using fake photos because she didn’t want to lose William, who’d once called her real photos ugly and said her voice sounded unattractive.

As for the constant money-sending, Jamie said: “I had feelings for him, and I just wanted to help him out.” Jamie added that she hoped if she’d continued to send William money, he wouldn’t abandon her.

Jamie then said she still loved William, but sadly, the feeling was not reciprocated. Kamie, though — whose opinion of William continued to plummet — said Jamie was one of the most decent and kind catfish she’d met and that she’d eventually find a man who’d respect her generosity.

And, of William, she simply observed: “F*ck this guy.”

But who do you think was at fault? Is Kamie right, and Was William the bad guy? Or was Jamie foolish for sending all that cash? And where do you think the tale of the reverse-Catfish sugar mama ranks among the twisted tales of yesteryear? Share your thoughts, then hang tight for a brand-new episode!

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