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E-40, Mack Minister Won't Face Charges In Source Fight

Police say they're not investigating any other awards show dustups.

E-40 will not face assault charges for a fight he had with former collaborator Mack Minister at the Aug. 22 taping of The Source Hip-Hop Music Awards, police said on Thursday (Aug. 31).

Pasadena, Calif., police shut down the awards show about an hour after it started when several fights broke out in the crowd and backstage. When police tried to stop the fights, spectators threw CD cases and bottles at them.

Authorities questioned E-40 (born Earl Stevens) and Mack Minister (born Andre Dow) afterward. Mack Minister accused E-40 of attacking him, police have said, while E-40's manger, Chaz Hayes, said this week that Mack Minister had started the fight.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office ruled there was insufficient evidence to pursue charges against E-40, Pasadena police Lt. Rick Aversano said.

There were no assault allegations against Mack Minister so police have no plans to pursue an investigation against him, Aversano said. "The case is closed," he said.

Police aren't investigating any other fights that took place at the awards ceremony, he said.

The ceremony was broadcast Tuesday on UPN, with the violence edited out and celebrity nonviolence public service announcements added in. More than 5 million households watched the two-hour broadcast, a big ratings night, the network said. ('s parent company, Viacom, also owns UPN.)

The show, featuring performances by Mobb Deep and Tha Eastsidaz and a hits medley by Cash Money Millionaires, including Big Tymers' "Get Your Roll On" (RealAudio excerpt), is scheduled to be rebroadcast Sept. 29.

Dr. Dre received five awards, though he accepted only one, the Lifetime Achievement award, on camera before the ceremony was stopped.