13 Things You Didn’t Know About The Breakout Awesomeness That Is Rosa Salazar

Your new obsession.

You may not yet know Rosa Salazar, but you should.

The actress has nabbed roles in "The Divergent Series: Insurgent," TV's "Parenthood" (BABY THIEF!) and "American Horror Story: Murder House," and will be seen in this weekend's "The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials." And it's not just her impressive resume that should make you take notice: she also seems to be a pretty awesome human being as well.

Here are 13 things you should know about rising star Rosa Salazar.

She was born in Canada, but grew up in Maryland.


So international!

She considers Adam Pally her "work husband."

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Night Owls After Party

The two starred in indie "Night Owls" together, and, as she told InStyle, “He’s like my work husband and he’s so funny. We’re about do another movie by the same director and writer of 'Night Owls.' We love working with each other, and that’s all you really want to do, right? Be around the Adam Pallys of the world.”

Her sense of style is comfy AF.

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"I wear American Apparel jeans every day of my life," she told InStyle.

She is fairly new to the world of caviar.

Welcome to the Finer Things Club.

She apparently knows a ton of ladies named Angela.

A real Angela-magnet, that one.

One of her first jobs was as a concessions coordinator at a Landmark Theater in Maryland.

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Celebrities On The Set Of Univisions

From scooping popcorn to the big screen!

Her Twitter game is amazing.

Need we say more?

She has a tendency to cutely 'gram the "Scorch Trials" trailer when she sees it in the wild.


When she fans, she fans HARD.

Could you blame her? RETTA!

She turned to acting as a way to try and expel energy.


Comic-Con International 2015 - Day 3

"Oh man, I just could not shut up!" she told Ross Carey. "I was just that kid in the family that you put on the table and watch it dance around and you're like, 'Oh, look at that hyper kid!'"

She makes quite a first impression.

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In an interview with the Huffington Post, "Night Owls" co-star Adam Pally recalled the first time he met Salazar. "I didn't know who she was, and she came into hair and makeup dressed as Pocahontas," he said. "When you meet Rosa, anyone who meets her right away is like, Who is that?"

At one point as a teen, Salazar was homeless.

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"I told myself when I was broke and homeless that my biggest goal was just to have a house," she wrote in Nylon. "That goal was achieved. I’m just really, really lucky."

She used to practice contorting her face while trying to fall asleep at night.


In an interview with We Got This Covered, Salazar said, "I just practiced doing that kind of stuff as a kid all the time. I was that kid who was always practicing crying or falling asleep or being angry or being excited. I was that weirdo in my room making faces."

"The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials" blazes into theaters September 18.

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