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'Man Of Steel': New Clips Show Two Sides Of Lois Lane

Amy Adams takes heat from Laurence Fishburne and redirects it to Henry Cavill in a pair of clips from this summer's Superman movie.

"Man of Steel" lead actress Amy Adams made the talk show rounds Tuesday, bringing with her a pair of clips from the impending blockbuster that give us insight into her Lois Lane.

The four-time Oscar nominee was subjected to incredible scrutiny upon landing the role of Lois, arguably the most important and famous female character in superhero comics. But these two clips, which pair Adams against Laurence Fishburne as Perry White and [article id="1708481"]Henry Cavill as Superman[/article], show that Adams might be the film's scene-stealer.

The first clip, which premiered alongside Adams' appearance on "Ellen," pits Lois against her editor at the Daily Planet, Perry White. After taking Lois to task over running with a story, Perry warns her that she's on unstable ground. "You try something like this again, and you're done here," he warns.

Adams plays Lois with a restrained confidence while she's getting a talking to from Fishburne, who seems to be reveling in the opportunity to play a hot-tempered newsman.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" debuted a second clip, one that expands on the interrogation scene we've already glimpsed in a few of the film's trailers.

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"You let them handcuff you?" Lois says to the man who would be Superman. This exchange sees the balance of power shift dramatically for Lois: Now, she's the one asking all the questions and, ostensibly, has all the power. Lois is so sure of herself that she can remain strong-willed in the face of a super-powered alien, and Superman is so respectful of her and humanity that he willingly allows himself to be held for questioning.

This dynamic encapsulates what makes Superman and Lois Lane's relationship such a powerful one, and it looks like director Zack Snyder has captured it onscreen in a big way.

"Man of Steel" hits theaters June 14.

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