Styles P Says The LOX Are In The Studio For Group Album, Solo LPs

'Now that we all there at the same time, it brings better energy and better thoughts,' he tells 'Mixtape Daily.'

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Styles P says the LOX are cooking up a slew of products individually and collectively. All three members, Jadakiss, Sheek Louch and, of course, SP the Ghost, are recording together.

"We working on the LOX right now and all the solos at once -- Sheek solo, my solo, 'Kiss solo, mixtapes. That's our plan for the summer right now," he said. "Since we all in the lab, we going in. Now that we all there at the same time, it brings better energy and better thoughts. Even while I'm working on my solo, I like that input: 'All right, P, go here with it' or 'go there with it.' 'You should do that kinda song.' I was in a Louch session the other day, and somebody was there for beats for him; he got two beats for me. It wasn't nothing there for him in the beat session, but he heard two beats he knew I would like and go in on. It makes for a better energy and better fit. We just working and making our legacy grow. LOX forever."

Styles said there isn't a distinct method of choosing which songs go for [article id="1640698"]the LOX album[/article] or each MC's solo project.

"Follow your instincts," he said. "The first thought that pops in your head. It depends on how it go. If I hear something, I might be like, 'This is for the group, this sounds crazy.' I'll call them up, three-way: 'Listen. You like?' If one of them don't like it, then I use it for myself. If they like, we use it for the group."

Although the squad is still making music, Styles said they will likely not go with the title they had revealed previously: Live, Suffer, Celebrate.

"We'll probably change it, 'cause we got a lot of ideas and thoughts in our brains.

"We don't let down when it comes to these bars," SP added. "We really just trying to handle our business first. Business-wise, it looks like it's being handled pretty well. We're trying to keep our heads on our shoulders and make solid music. It's well-known producers that's definitely going to be out there. But we also giving a shot to anybody with mean beats that got that LOX sound that we can appreciate and the world can appreciate."

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