There's A Lot Of Drug Talk On Jeezy And Jay Z's 'Seen It All': Listen Now

The dope boys are going crazy.

Jeezy and Jay Z weren't just born rappers, and on their new single, "Seen it All," the two former drug dealers reminisce on a dark and seedy underworld.

The title track from Jeezy's September 2 LP Seen It All, available on iTunes now, starts off with the Snowman recalling on his come-up.

"My n---a hit me up said he goin' out of town/ So I gave him 50 thou, told him bring me back two," he raps of a low-key cocaine deal, over a mellow track produced by Cardo.

While Jeezy rhymes mostly of the upside of his hustle (the cars, the jewels, the women), Hov digs deep with his rhyme and chronicles his loss of innocence. It all started with the death of his uncle, then the estranged relationship with his dad.

It's a story that Jay fans should all be familiar with by now, but this time he pieces all of the tidbits together. "I get 'em 5 grand a pop/ Had a plug in St. Thomas on a trillion watts/ Flew 'em back to the states/ Parked 92 bricks in front of 560 State," Jay raps about his drug smuggle.

Jay's story takes a number of twists and turns, and ultimately plays out like "Scarface," except the bad guy lives to tell the story.

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