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VFX Reel Reveals the Subtle Special Effects of 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

Martin Scorsese's "The Wolf of Wall Street" has been talked about ad nauseam, but the talking points have been extremely narrow in their focus (pro tip: please stop caring about what a filmmaker thinks of their characters).

While we here at have done our best to bring the really important "Wolf of Wall Street" topics to light – read our interview with actress Margot Robbie about her love of ice hockey and The New York Rangers – the heated and all-consuming debate over the film's complex morality has come at the expense of other compelling elements. For example, almost no attention has been paid to the film's masterful special effects work, which fulfilled the true, often forgotten purpose of creating such a believable film world that they went almost entirely unnoticed. Less concerned with spectacle than detail, the artists over at Brainstorm Digital allowed Martin Scorsese to achieve and subtly maintain the wicked tone of his satirical black comedy, adding small flourishes throughout that heightened Jordan Belfort's bacchanalian excess just beyond the reach of the real world, but still close enough that we feel like we could see it for ourselves.

Check out this video reel, posted on Le Nouvel Observateur, which gives a nice idea as to the kind of effects work that went into the film.