See Selena Gomez Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before On New 'Interview' Cover

Having three No. 1 albums 'almost didn't occur' to her, she says

Selena Gomez really can't believe that she has three number one albums. She's the new cover star of the latest edition of Interview magazine and, in a conversation with Amy Schumer, she revealed that the thought of her having several number one albums nearly didn't cross her mind. Chalk it up to her being one of the most humble denizens of the world we know as Hollywood. Her Interview magazine cover photoshoot shows a different side of her though. In it, she's boldly ready to take the world by storm via expensive car.

Gomez and Schumer go back and forth like old friends just shooting the breeze and, during the course of the conversation, Gomez talks about her accomplishments, her feelings pertaining to them, and so much more. When Schumer asks if Gomez having her third number one album (thanks to Rare) feels funny to her, Gomez responds with all of the humility that we've come to know and love.

"It's so weird, it almost didn't occur to me," she said. "My mom is one of the most incredible people in the world — I give her credit for everything. She would always say things to me like, 'If you didn't get the part, that's because it was meant for someone else, and you should be happy for them. Yours will come.' She raised me to have that mentality."

Sensing she got a little off-topic, Gomez added afterwards that she doesn't "sit there and tally it all." She did, however, read reviews about Rare. "My friend sent me a couple of good reviews, and it felt amazing, because not all of my albums have been seen that way," she said.

Gomez also colored in some personal pieces of her life that have rarely been touched before. She loves Succession, hasn't watched Cheer, and likes to dance to Big Sean's "I Don't Fuck With You" because it "releases a lot of aggression when you're singing it."

The accompanying photoshoot for Gomez's cover story displays a bold and beautiful Gomez ready to take life's road by storm. She's in the desert at a mechanic's station, getting some braided-looks off with the fiercest face that you can imagine. One particularly stunning flick shows her hanging out the driver's side of a red sports car. The sheer intensity of the flick will scorch your eyebrows right off of your face.

Gomez's new cover and photoshoot come just days after she shared the wizardly video for "Boyfriend" that finds her transforming guys into friggin' frogs. Earlier this month, she dropped the deluxe edition of Rare that featured "Boyfriend" and two other tracks, "Souvenir" and "She."

Check out the photos from Gomez's Interview cover up above and read the full story at the above link.