'A' Is Revealed On 'Pretty Little Liars' But Who The Eff Is He?!

Rounding up the most jaw-dropping moments from the finale.

"Pretty Little Liars" took a turn for the super effing weird in its season five finale ("Welcome to the Dollhouse"), and we're not sure how we feel about it. On the one hand, we know who A is. On the other hand, we have no idea who A is. Do you see why we're so confused?!

Who is Charles? And is he a DiLaurentis? Again, we have no clue, but the "PLL" Powers That Be did a pretty solid job of convincing us that our favorite pathfinder Andrew Campbell is somehow connected to this mess. But A's kinda-sorta reveal wasn't even the most jaw-dropping moment of the action-packed finale!

The Liars get swiped from the police van on their way to prison, only to wake up in A's deranged dollhouse. He's basically using the Liars as his own personal plAythings -- and its borderline gross. Soul or no soul, this Charles needs serious therapy. And, you know, a butt-kicking from Spencer. Here are the most OMFG moments from the "Pretty Little Liars" season five finale.

Mona is alive.

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Mona on '

Just as we previously speculated, Mona is alive. It turns out A has been keeping her in his psycho dollhouse these past few months. But wait. It gets worse. Mona has to pretend to be Ali when A's looking, which is all the effing time. She even dyed her hair to play the part! While we're disappointed to see the writers' use Mona's "death" as yet another red herring (ugh), we're so happy to see Mona again. She really is the best. Without Mona, the Liars would have no clue what was happening.

Four chimes means it’s game time.

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Pretty Little Liars creepy dolls

While locked in A's dollhouse, the Liars have to play a game of Mystery Date Game. The objective is simple: you play to win a prom date, courtesy of A. Because clearly, A is planning a prom for the Liars. The theme? Night at the opera -- AKA Melissa and Ian's prom theme. But the Liars aren't so pleased when they discover that Ezra, Caleb and Toby's lives are at stake. Hanna gives A an ominous warning: touch Caleb, and she'll kill him. Damn, girl! Where has this Hanna been the last few episodes? We already knew A was sick, but these IRL gAmes take things to an even more effed up level.

Caleb, Ezra and Toby are the ultimate #squadgoals.

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When the Liars went missing, Detective Tanner acted shady AF. (What else is new?) So Toby, Caleb and Ezra went rogue to try and track them down because that's what good boyfriends (and ex-boyfriends, in Ezria's case) do. Caleb used his hacker skills to find evidence that A tampered with the GPS in the security system, prohibiting the Rosewood P.D. from finding the van. When Toby took his findings to Tanner, she immediately put a warrant out for Caleb's arrest because clearly Caleb is the only hacker in Rosewood. ARE ALL ROSEWOOD POLICE THIS USELESS? Thanks to a little help from his awesome legal team -- Mr. and Mrs. Hastings to the rescue! -- Caleb is able to convince Tanner to let him try and track down the girls. Caleb ultimately finds the location of the van, which is conveniently park outside Boo Boo's Ice Cream factory -- AKA "the Campbell's farm." Excuse me, Mama Hastings, but did you just tell us Andrew's family owned a farm in the same location as Boo Boo's Ice Cream? OMG.

The Hastings know about A.

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Finally! The Hastings know about A, and it took all of fourfiveseconds for them to do something about it. Because the Hastings get s--t handled around here. And their first order of business is going through all of the information on A that #TeamBoyfriends has pulled together. If anyone is going to find those girls, it's Veronica Hastings. Well, and Peter, but mostly Veronica.

It has a name.

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And his name is Charles. We already knew Charles had something to do with A when Aria, Spencer and Emily found Mona's note in the mirror. The typewritten note read: "Chandelier's rituals/Sister launched lair/A ruler's list chained." Each line is an anagram for "Charles DiLaurentis." This was confirmed in the finale when Spencer puts the pieces -- er, alphabet blocks? -- together to spell the name "Charles." So we know Charles is A, but who the eff is he? We think he might be Jason DiLaurentis' twin. When the Liars shut off the power, Spencer, curious about what A could be hiding, entered his personal vault, and what she found might have just blown this whole A case wide open. She discovered a home video of Mrs. DiLaurentis, outside of Campbell's farm, holding a baby girl (Ali) and talking to two toddler boys. Sure, one is presumably Jason, but who's the other little boy? Could that be Charles? And if that is Charles, then that means he's Spencer's half-brother too.

Phantom of the Opera

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Thank you "Pretty Little Liars" for forever ruining Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" for us. We used to associate that song with convertibles and sunshine, and now we can only picture A's creepy AF prom. A definitely knows how to make an awkward situation -- like a dance floor full of mannequins -- even more awkward by having the Liars dance to "Unwritten" at their "senior prom." Yes, it was just as cringe-worthy as it sounds.

A has a soul.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 21 Photo

Mona says this upon entering A's secret room, where Spencer found the home videos, but we're not entirely ready to empathize with A just yet. If we know anything about Charles, it's that he's a madman -- and no amount of mommy issues make it okay to be a total dick to people for no reason. He locked Mona up FOR MONTHS. He made her listen to her mother's cries from her funeral. That is not okay. Sorry, "PLL." We're not ready for forgive A anytime soon.

The Liars are trapped.

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The Liars, plus Mona, end the finale just where they started: trapped inside A's dollhouse. Will the next 11 episodes all take place inside the dollhouse? Or will the Liars escape? We're not going to lie, the thought of spending the entire summer season in A's dollhouse does sound kind of amazing... and twisted in the best way possible. Because if there's one thing "Welcome to the Dollhouse" did right, it was show how strong the Liars can be when they team up against their enemy. More of this, please!

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