Lady Gaga And Taylor Kinney Had Sex For This Photo

Must've been a hard day on the set. WINK.

If you were ever curious about what Lady Gaga and her husband-to-be Taylor Kinney look like in a state of postcoital bliss -- hey, not judging -- you're in luck. Because that's exactly what she just shared with the world by way of her newest V Magazine cover reveal -- "reveal" being the operative word here.

Gaga, who designed a whopping 16 covers for the magazine, many of which paid tribute to her style icons, let the "Chicago Fire" star take credit for this sizzling shot of the two of them slathered in paint and buck naked on a canvas after having just done it together. Ya know, for art.

And oh, by the way, this is also an act of charity (which only Gaga could pull off).

No, we don't just mean that she's given the whole world the gift of this succulent morsel of eye candy, although that's true too.

She also plans to devote 100% of the sale proceeds from this particular cover to her Born This Way Foundation, which helps to promote youth issues and wellness. But we're guessing not a word of this entire paragraph sunk in just now because you're eyes are still burned by the image of Gaga and Tay in the buff. We get it.

By the way, Lady Gaga closed out her photo cover series with a totally safe-for-work pup pic of "Queen" Asia. So, she pretty much covered the whole board with this series, then, literally and figuratively.