Nick Jonas Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of His 'Levels' Video: Watch

MTV goes on the set of his new video.

Nick Jonas is taking his "Levels" video to another plane. And how do we know? Well, MTV got to visit the set of the singer's new music video, which will drop on Sunday, the same day that he's performing at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards pre-show.

"The concept for the video -- basically, we are in this big space, lot of really interesting art decoration, some tires, some barrels, some beautiful women," Nick told MTV News in between takes. The set is basically a spacious, concrete warehouse with steel beams. The dancers wear leather and heels as they drape themselves over monster-truck tires.

Jonas explained that the Colin Tilley-directed visual will push his vision and show the world what he can do -- which is especially important as he tries to launch himself further away from the boy band career he had with his brothers.

"It continues to set me up as a solo artist," the former Jonas Brother said. "It gives me a better idea of the looks I'm trying to go for. I want people to think when they watch my videos and music. I'm excited. I think it's going to be one of my strongest videos."

And with high hopes for the video, Nick also said the song speaks for who he really is, and soon we'll be able to see all sides of him.

"Like the song kind of cuts a new path for me, musically, it touches some of the soul elements, but also has that funk side," Jonas told us. "I think the video means that as well, really fresh."

After Nick performs "Levels" at the VMA pre-show, stick around to see if he wins the award for Best Male Video for “Chains.”

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