Kim Kardashian Would Rather Drink Disgusting Things Than Sell Out Khloé And Kylie

Never doubt her ability to keep a secret

The grossest segment of The Late Late Show is always Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, when James Corden asks the celebrity guest some mortifying questions and they're forced to answer them or consume unimaginably gross substances.

Kim Kardashian is a champion, because when faced with the constant question about the rumored pregnancies of two of her sisters, she plead the fifth and puckered up for a smoothie full of things that should never, ever, ever ever ever be in smoothies.

The challenge was simple: After warming up with a couple of softball questions about the best dressers in her famous family and which one of Kanye West's quirks annoy her, Corden asked Kardashian, straight up, if her sisters, Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, were actually pregnant. (Rumors about their respective pregnancies started swirling within days of each other.)

She paused, she considered the question, and took a sip of the gnarly concoction. (She then immediately spat it out, because who wouldn't, tbh.)

Let the record show that Kim Kardashian is to be trusted — even if it means downing liquified fish, and especially when that liquified fish is the kind that most people pick off of their salad and pizzas.

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