Is This Jennifer Lawrence's Most Stunning Dior Campaign Yet?

Jennifer Lawrence season is here y'all. To be fair, it never really went away. But with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 on the horizon and these newly revealed images of J Law's next Dior campaign bubbling up pon de web, expect her to be dominating pop culture for the foreseeable future.

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It also helps that Jennifer's newest set of images for Dior might be her most stunning ones yet. Just like her last shoot for Dior, her new one highlights the actress' natural beauty. Seriously, only Jennifer could make Dior look down-to-earth. She doesn't need any assistance from makeup artists but she makes a slightly smoky eye and a pink lip go a long way. Likewise, her hair is only minimally styled, and still gorgeous, in a messy bun.

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As for the clothes she's wearing, they're all from Dior's spring 2015 line. Here, Jennifer werks Dior's parachute-like skirt with ease—a look that would likely come off stuffy on anyone else. Plus, talk about making cutouts classy. Whew!

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In another image, Jennifer confirms that chunky curb chain necklaces are still relevant, making the best case for them to date.

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And in another, she pulls off the most strangely alluring choker-turtleneck hybrid you've ever seen.

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Don't mind us. We're just going to fawn over these images until we get another J Law magazine cover? OK? Cool.

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