Scarface Squashes Death Row Rumor, Talks Geto Boys Reunion

Veteran rapper re-signs with Rap-A-Lot, his home for nearly 18 years.

Seeking to silence rumors that he'd be leaving Rap-A-Lot Records, Houston rapper Scarface has announced that he's extended his deal with the only record label he's ever known.

Such a proclamation wouldn't usually be headline-worthy, but word had recently spread that the veteran rapper was destined to become the centerpiece of yet another revamping of Suge Knight's Death Row Records.

"I'm not going anywhere; I'm a franchise player," Scarface told MTV News on Friday.

Scarface has been signed to Rap-A-Lot for nearly 18 years, originally under the name Akshun and later with controversial trio the Geto Boys. But during a recent appearance on "The Late Late Show," Suge Knight said Scarface was now a part of Death Row.

Scarface refuted the claim, but added, "Me and Suge are cool, that's my man. I don't know what his plan was, but who wouldn't want to sign me? I'd sign me!"

The rapper said he'll record at least three more albums for Rap-A-Lot, including a new record he hopes to have out by summer. He hasn't lined up any producers yet, but he said he hopes to work with Kanye West again. The tandem paired for "On My Block" and "Guess Who's Back" on Scarface's 2002 album, The Fix.

"Right now, in my opinion, there ain't nobody making really great music anymore," Scarface said. "I know how I feel about my music and how passionate I am. I'm not a fly-by-night dude."

Before Scarface gets to work on a new solo LP, he'll have his hands full with a Geto Boys reunion. Scarface, Willie D and Bushwick Bill have come together for their first album in eight years, War & Peace, due January 25.

Scarface wasn't sure how long the reunion would last, but he said working with his old compatriots was a lot of fun. "You never know what to expect," he explained. "You've got three different personalities, for real. We don't see eye-to-eye on nothing, but we make the best music together."