'The Walking Dead': Is This Father Gabriel's Big Secret?

What a jerk, this guy!

Sin is the name of the game on "The Walking Dead." In order to survive the zombie apocalypse, men and women are forced to kill not just the flesh-rotting walkers, but sometimes each other. It's a dark, desolate world that only has room for dark, desolate people.

But there's no one on "Walking Dead" more fixated on the nature of sin than Father Gabriel, the new character introduced in last week's episode. Played by "The Wire" alum Seth Gilliam, Gabriel preaches the word of God, refuses to kill any walkers or humans, carries no weapons except for his faith, and lives inside a church all by himself. He's also on somebody's most-hated list, considering graffiti etched outside of his church that says: "You will burn for this."

Burn for what, exactly? What is Gabriel's great sin? What's his secret? We don't know just yet on the show, but we do know how the "Walking Dead" comic book answered Gabriel's great mysteries. Read on if you want to find out, too.

Consider this your obligatory spoiler warning.

Last week, Rick Grimes and friends first encountered Gabriel in the woods, where he was about to become zombie food.



In the comics, Gabriel actually approaches Rick's group all on his own, in broad daylight, under no duress, seeking food. His first words: "Greetings, brothers and sisters. Can you spare a moment to talk about the lord?"

Image Comics


As on the show, Gabriel travels without weapons.

Image Comics


Unlike the show, Gabriel has abandoned his church, because he no longer has food.

Image Comics


Also unlike the show, Gabriel meets Rick right after one of the group's children, Ben, has murdered his own brother, Billy.

Image Comics


The show's version of Ben killing Billy was last season's Lizzie debacle.



Anyway, Gabriel offers to say a few words at the funeral, but no one wants to hear it.

Image Comics


Gabriel agrees to take everyone back to his church as a safe haven. On the way, he cracks a bad joke, just like on the show.

Image Comics


It doesn't go over well.

Image Comics


When the group finally arrives at the church…

Image Comics


…everybody wants to know why Gabriel left this place behind.

Image Comics


The bigger question: everyone wants to know what happened to Dale, still alive in the comics, but suddenly missing from the group. Unknown to them, he's been abducted by cannibals.

Image Comics


Which is what happened to poor Bob on the show. We've gone over that.



Once the group figures out they're being hunted, suspicion immediately falls on Gabriel.

Image Comics


Rick doesn't believe that Gabriel wasn't involved in Dale's disappearance. He starts asking a lot of the same questions viewers are probably wondering right now.

Image Comics


Gabriel denies that he's working against Rick's group, but he has a different theory.

Image Comics


At long last, Gabriel spills the beans — and now we're really in SPOILER territory, because this is probably how it's going down on the show:

Image Comics


That's right: Father Gabriel's great sin is that he turned his flock away in the face of the apocalypse.

Image Comics


There you have it: Gabriel's big secret, revealed. Not exactly the actions one expects from a man of faith, right? No wonder everyone hates Gabriel!

As for what happens next with Gabriel … well, let's cross those bridges when we get there. For now, this is all you need to know about what's going on with the "Walking Dead" cast's newest addition, at least as far as the comics are concerned. Perhaps the show will take another route.

What do you think of Father Gabriel?

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