Drake's Secret Lightsaber And Pizza-Making Skills Have Been Uncovered

At least according to these "Hotline Bling" vids.

Drake's "Hotline Bling" video is proving to be an Internet gift that keeps on giving. When it first dropped, people couldn't stop talking about his "silly" or "cool" dance moves (that depends on who you ask). Then people started adding different songs to mini clips so it looked like Drizzy was salsa dancing or whatever. Anyway, the "Bling" craze isn't over.

Now, people are taking things to the next level by adding special effects. For example, one of the most popular of these is Drake dancing with lightsabers as if he was in a rap video that takes place in "Star Wars" land. It's pretty hilarious. I imagine even George Lucas would at least have a nice chuckle with that one.

But that isn't the only clip of its kind online so here's a look at some more special effects added to "Hotline Bling."

We obviously have to start with "Star Wars Bling."

Then there's one that'd make Serena proud.

Someone got Champagne Pepperoni on this.


And oh no...Another Meek dis?

Fans are having a ball with hip-hop this week. Beyond adding special effects to this vid, they're also going nuts with Meek Mill and Wale memes (and they're bringing Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj into it too). Check out the video below for a glimpse of how social media is affecting rap feuds.